Round & roller brushes

Versatile industrial brushes with high economic efficiency

The stamped round and roller brushes master every challenge and serve as ideal helpers, especially in manufacturing and production. They offer a wide range of applications thus their dimensions and designs are more diverse.

Ensure the efficiency of your desired round and roller brushes by selecting the right fill material, fill arrangement and density, as well as the appropriate body material and shape. Make an individual and non-binding request - we will be happy to advise you from the planning stage through to smooth operation!

The fields of application for round brushes and roller brushes are diverse:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Printing, textile industry
  • Glass, automotive industry
  • Food technology
  • Hygiene technology
  • Conveyor systems
  • Municipal technology

The round brushes and roller brushes are used for a wide range of tasks:

  • Application of solid & liquid substances
  • Optimal and efficient cleaning
  • Uniform pressing of foils or labels
  • Transport of products
  • Hygienic application of glazes and powder

Round and roller brushes have a number of specific advantages. These include, for example, the low dead weight of the brushes in combination with an optimum price-performance ratio, which ensures a high level of economic efficiency. These industrial brushes are also very low-wearing due to their flexible and adaptable surface. Use the optimal surface protection and create your always perfect end product. Our round brushes and roller brushes withstand very high temperatures, allowing you to choose from a huge variety of applications.

In case you need industrial brushes for your application which are only exposed to low mechanical loads and work in the low to medium rotation range, our round and roller brushes are optimally suited for you.

You will receive our industrial brushes in the high quality you are accustomed to!

Have confidence in our many years of experience. No matter if it is a round brush or a roller brush, with or without shaft or with optional flange - we design together the optimal brush features for your application!

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