Sweeping roller brushes, municipal brushes & brush rings

PP, nylon, steel wire or steel wire-PP (without nylon)/blends

The production variety of the roller brush selection with high cleaning efficiency includes, among other things, sweeping roller brushes with plastic bodies adapted to the respective machine type.

We manufacture these in one-piece or multi-part designs according to your dimensional requirements.

We will be pleased to advise you on fill material, fill arrangement and the choice of suitable body material.

Municipal brushes-1

You can choose the fill material:

  • Nylon/PP
  • steel wire
  • Mixture steel wire/PP without nylon

Alternatively, you can individually assemble your sweeping roller with brush rings in different dimensions.

Municipal brushes-2

As standard, the brush rings are equipped with PP or nylon, steel wire or steel wire PP (or nylon) / blends in various dimensions.

Of course, steel wire blends are also possible with this PP product range.

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